How can you tell a suitor to buzz off without offending him?

January 25, 2007 1:36am CST
there's this guy who always visit our house.. he's been courting me for two weeks now and he could not get the hint that i'm so not interested in him. i always told him that i'm not yet ready and i'm not interested but he's convinced that i will learn to like him in time. ok, first of all, i don't like his aggressive attitude.. second of all, he has dangerous body odor.. third and last, he's three years younger than me! now i don't want to be so harsh on a kiddo because who knows what he might do.. help!!! how do i tell him? he certainly doesn't get it!
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@vertex (803)
• Philippines
25 Jan 07
You must tell him franky but slowly and let him understand the situation and explain everything dont be so rude with him or he might be angry and kill you!!!! lol
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• Canada
27 Jan 07
If you have told him and he has not taken the hint and you are starting to be a little nervous of him then I would suggest that you have an older person tell him to stay away . Generally having an older person saying something will be enough to do the trick .