Is crying good?

Stop Crying - Tears For Fear.
@angel108 (570)
January 25, 2007 2:36am CST
Many believe that crying is a catharsis. That it is a good outlet. But then I discovered that ones you cry it will make you weaker. It is because you are just repeating your sad past. so why don't you dwell on how can you get out of a certain problem instead of crying. So do yo feel crying is good?
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@wolfie34 (26791)
• United Kingdom
6 May 07
Yes it's very healthy to cry and not to bottle pent up emotions. I find it very very difficult to cry and wish I could, I take my frustrations out in the gym which helps. Sometimes I just want to break down and let out all the hurts of the past but I've always been taught that boys don't cry and I feel that if I started I would never stop and it's just feeling sorry for myself.
@skb369 (285)
• India
27 Feb 07
being a man,i have nvr seen an instance where crying is encoouraged as a mean of letting it go. the way i hv been brought up,the way i hv observed the men around me behave,it seems that crying is simply something that the men do not do. i have always been told to ride it out. so as a result i feel uncomfortable to shed tears in thge presence of others. i would cry to my hearts content in private, but never in the company of others. i guess its an inbuilt thing..the mechanism of holding back tears for the fear of being ridiculed and being turned a sissy. but i do agree that crying is good.i remember when my ddad got posted our country and i tagged along with him. i felt miserably homesick! it was only after i cried that i felt a whole lot better! i guess its a good way of closure...
@vertex (803)
• Philippines
25 Jan 07
I really think that crying is good because you can let your feeling out with crying and it can make you feel better at once you have finished crying and scientific experiments shows that crying can clense your eyes and it make you eyes clean.
@Rasnie (1137)
• Indonesia
25 Jan 07
Crying is good to fill out of our emotions. So I think it is good if we fell sad we are crying, we will fell much better after that.
@aneer72 (181)
• India
25 Jan 07
Too much of pent up feeling is bad for health. It causes a chain reaction. On the other hand crying out oneself or in fornt of a confident is always good.