Do know someone who has diabetes? Share insights on how they are coping with it.

@Shebang (244)
January 25, 2007 5:05am CST
My father got his right leg amputed April last year. It started with a small wound in his toe, the size of a coin, which was poorly treated. We were very complacent then because we believe Papa is a "healthy diabetic". He was also admitted to the hospital three years ago because he stepped into a thumbtacks but was saved from a possible surgical operation. Looking back, I just can't help but put all the blame to my father. Papa is very abusive to his body. When he was younger, he eats fatty and salty foods. When I was young, we always had softdrinks every meal- a separate 2 liters for papa, and a separate 1 liter for four of us, my siblings and my mother. Every weekend, we always have icecream - 1 gallon is consumed by just 5 of us in one sitting. When Papa was diagnosed with diabetes 15 years ago, everything changed. What papa eats, we also eat. It was so frustrating. We were deprived of softdrinks for almost 4 years.. Huh..!! We thought Papa was very disciplined after that. But he got back to his bad habits... Now that he got amputated, he was very religious with his health.. The moral lesson here is, be disciplined... Do not be complacent just because you take prescriptions, it does not save you from the epedemic... How about you, do you someone who have the same experience with my father. Share your stories and let people know how dangerous is diabetes..
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