January 25, 2007 6:48am CST
give me all the cheats in all versionsof aoe
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@khunapup (13)
• Argentina
25 Jan 07
Age of empires: Code Effect diediedie kill everyone else resign resign game reveal map full map pepperoni pizza 1000 food coinage 1000 gold woodstock 1000 wood quarry 1000 stone no fog remove fog of war medusa transforms villagers (after enabling this cheat, move one of the villagers (not builders, farmers, etc.) into an opponent. Medusas will transform into black rider when killed. Then into heavy catapultwhen killed again) e=mc2 trooper nuclear missile trooper If you want more, send me a private message
• Bulgaria
26 Jan 07
eh mans stop cheating
@sajuman (1854)
• India
1 Dec 07
in age of empires 2 press the enter key and type rock on for rock lumberjack for wood Age of of my favorite game... It is my favorite game among the real time strategy of games..i played Age of empires 2 first...Then i played Age of mythology.. I also played the latest age of is a wonderful experience over the game play... We are waiting for the new one...
• Philippines
1 Mar 07
for AOE2 marco - visibility on polo - remove shadow
@manmaxman (850)
• India
31 Jan 07
cheating i dont like i think talking face to face is much batter
@myfriendz (1226)
• India
25 Jan 07
i know a quite a lot of cheats some of them are cheese staek jimmys for food in aoe 2 rock on for stone in aoe 2 robin hood for gold in aoe2 lumberjack for wood in aoe2
• India
25 Jan 07
AOE II 1. cheesesteakjimmy's - for food 2. lumberjack - for wood 3. robin hood - for gold 4. rock on - for stone 5. how do you turn this on - cobra 6. torpedo X - where X is the enemy's number 7. furious the monkey boy