why misunderstanding? - why people misunderstand each other.....
January 25, 2007 11:47am CST
why why misunderstanding happens whats the reason behind that? don't know about urs, but with me, when ever I had misunderstandings with my friends, that was only due to the fact that we kept all the things to ourselves. Misunderstandings get cleared only after we discuss with the other party the issue creating differences. One person thinks one way other thinks the other way and there you have it. Misunderstanding.
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@krishkorp (427)
• India
25 Jan 07
U are right,Misunderstandings occur only due to communication gap.That is when u assume something .That is why whenever u feel u have an issue with ur friend the best thing is to talk it out wid him.Rather than remaining in misunderstanding and creating huge differences thereforth .And as an end result a breakup between .Thats y, the best thing is to talk it out.Most of the times it works.