Get out of scam and spam

January 25, 2007 4:25pm CST
One should be aware and never let sober mind being drugged from the illusion of future wealth. Once you have started to fantasize with the money you never being promised to get you are likely to fall as the victim of scam and spam. These scammers and spammers never tired to stop and to think of new tactics to entice fresh internet users or desperate people seeking for wealth. There is missed call scam,which is sometimes called missed call marketing. These culprits send out text message that look like a missed call. The idea behind this is to let you become curious enough to call the number back. "Surprise,surprise- it is actually a premium rate number!" They let your excitement blurred the reality and logic. This is automisleadism. Most of the people let themselves trapped in the fantasy of getting rich and never be able to get them out from the situation until they realized that they have been scammed. No point to go back and fix everything. You will ring them and being offered the promise of a prize. What you will get is not the sweet scent of dollars but huge phone bill ,courtesy of unscrupulous marketing company. The best thing to do is to delete any text that promise something for nothing and always beware of any missed calls or emails from someone you dont recognize.
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