why did my best friend do this?

January 25, 2007 4:28pm CST
About 3 years ago, My best friend in the whole world got on drugs and started to think i was having a relationship with her boyfriend! The fact as I hated him soo much coz he bashed her all the time, and he hated me because, if she spent time with me, she wasn't with him! Anyway...... We were best of friends, since kindergarten, went through everything together and told eachother everything.. Then she started to blame me of being with her boyfriend.... and the next thing, her mum tells me that she has moved away. I still haven't heard from her and she never said goodbye or anything! It hurts, why do you think she done this?
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@ms_fery (251)
• Philippines
25 Jan 07
maybe insecurity in her side, as a friend she doesn't trust you enough thats why she was blaming you. i suggest you keep a distance with her boyfriend. i'm just curious was she really your best friend because for what you have said you've been friends since kindergarten and that long of relationship is so hard to destroy, maybe it is one way relationship, maybe you think of her as a best friend but she did not, coz friends will not do that, she will believe her best friend more than a boyfriend.