apple makes doctors away

January 25, 2007 7:42pm CST
all were saying that if we eat apples regularly then there will be no problem in our body. so much nutritions are there it seems..
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@pmcdee (271)
26 Jan 07
there is so much we can do to 'keep the doctor away'. If we eat an apple a day then yes we will be healthier, just as if we say eat a banana a day or we decide to eat some grapes for a snack rather than a kit kat. But that doesnt mean that we wont get ill other ways. I think that the emphasis should be on people wanting to lead a good healthy lifestyle, because it makes them feel better not just so that they can attempt to stay away from the doctor.
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• India
26 Jan 07
yes daily if we eat apple its more helpful to our body.. its make more healthier and makes skin perfect no scals will present ,it also keeps doctors away. its a goo mediciene when compared to others..
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@Miriel (1043)
• Norway
26 Jan 07
In fruit generally there are a lot of vitamins. And the our bodies defence systems get better with vitamis , so yes, an apple a day keeps the doctor away ;)