What do you think of the show, "I Love New York"?

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January 25, 2007 7:58pm CST
I like it a lot but it is very similar to Flava Flav's show. New York says that she is now in love and could see herself marrying one of her contestants, but we've all heard that before. She once claimed to be in love with Flava Flav. What do you think of "I Love New York"? Do you think she will find the person she is looking for?
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7 Mar 07
I don't think she will fine her soul mate. I do think she will meet someone that will last for a few months. Guess what. I found out that Delishas broke it off with Flav. I was reading the Sister to Sister magazine and she was being interviewed. It turns out. Flav got another women pregnant while he was taping the show. Delishas was bothered by this because Flav was stating that he might want to be with baby mama. So also stated that he wanted to see other women and she could not handle that. It is rumored that she is seeing busta rhymes. It was a good article.
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21 Mar 07
Dang!I didn't know all that.
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19 Mar 07
I like the show ,watch it all the time.I'm not so sure she's gonna find mr.right.I think as bad as it was...it got her her own show.
@starr4all (2865)
15 Mar 07
It's a rarity if anyone finds their soul mate on tv. Take all those bachelor shows. Majority never stayed together. Have you noticed that Flavor of love is having a new show come out in april. It's something like charm school for a bunch of the girls he had on his show. It sounds bad so I will probably watch it.