Agri Business

January 25, 2007 8:46pm CST
I used to work in a Big Farm - the Sow level is 600, which means the population maximum is 6,000. For Six years, I have been doing some accounting. I enjoyed my work. The first year there was an epidemic of FootnMouth desease. This business requires big capital. The buyers sell them to publice markets in the city. Mostly Manila. Here in our City - there are many doing business in Piggery and Poultry. In Poultry - a house can occupy 7,000 chicken. some have 21,000 heads other will each up to 100,000 heads or more. But the emplyees - the farms workers suffer poor health. They work so hard one person will clean the house of the pigs and bathe them. Some will stay awak all night to watch over the piglets, and also the chicken house they stay awake all night watching the chicken, the rats will kill the chicken and they have to pick up the dead ones to avoid contamination. It is hard work. It is also very profitable.
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