Will this world be ........?

@ktmpok (611)
January 25, 2007 10:33pm CST
In the hollywood movies the director shows the different kind of changed world.Flying small planes like a cras and the buildings with a advance technologies and the people with a super powers.That we all know that the world technologies are being more better day by day and the world is changing quickly too.But will be the world like in hollywood movies as they show in the picture?
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• Canada
26 Jan 07
It is very obvious that hollywood depictions of the future is just someones creative imagination. Technology is rapidly advancing, but do you truly beleive everything you see on tv? A good example of comparing hollywood stunts to the future would be looking back at old movies, that depict the new millenium with space aliens, teleporters and the such that have no relevency to our time and have been scientifically proven to be false. But hey, its hollywood, not meant to be taken seriously right? Entertainment will remain entertainment and lets leave technology to the scientists and inventors.