putting your lovelife into God's hands

January 26, 2007 2:02am CST
I'm always afraid to fall in love with the wrong person because i dont want to follow the relationship my mom had..that's why i entrust God to write my love story.....Isn't it romantic?....
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• India
26 Jan 07
hey...hy..i find this the best way out..c coz all of us knw..god wil never let us down..he may not give us immediate results ..bt wil never leave us half way..!!! v might be sometimes wrng in choosing our partner..coz v smtimes find it difficult to knw d person..but if v leave this thing on god..v l hav no worries in r life..y shuld v worry if he is there for us..n guys n girls..dis things for sure..v should not waste r time in searching r soulmates jst because v think dat its r turn ..coz god may b having hard time in searching the heart that deserves r love...!!! so this is the most romantic way out..jst follow this..its superb..!!!
• Philippines
29 Jan 07
It's kinda hard but i think waiting for the right man and allowing god to bring the right man for me is the safest way of finding the mighty man for me...It;s ok to wait than to be with the wrong man isn't it?