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United States
January 26, 2007 7:40am CST
was wondering how many people call in to work for no reason.. Do you feel guilty when you do? I cant seem to let the guilt go even if i am ill or not feeling well i feel bad that they will be short or soeone else has to do my job so i usually go in to work anyway and then if they see me sick they can send me home but i wont call in. my husband gets mad at me for not wanting to "take a day off" so do you call in for no reason and do you feel bad about it afterwords
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• United States
26 Feb 07
Sometimes I call in because I may have something very important to do and know that I can't get the day off. I don't feel bad because no one does my work for me. When I come back it will be sitting there waiting for me.
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@nelsen (8)
• Sweden
25 Feb 07
i can understand you mkmissey76, everyone whants to be belived, that the boss should belive in that your sick, so many maybe do like you , but I use to call the boss and tell. it is the bosses duty to dont misstrust theirs employees. i only go to work when im sick if im think i can work anyway, otherwise i will notice it very quick.
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