have you experience this in mylot?

January 26, 2007 9:02am CST
i have been off in mylot for three days but now i started using it but mylot has not updated my earnings today the last update has been an hour ago but i have started posting around 4 hours ago why is it my eanings was not able to be updated will it still be updated for the next day? thanks.
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• United States
26 Jan 07
Your other response is right. I have gone through this before and depending on when you posted and the time, you will be credited the following day. You must have missed the cuttoff time. If you have questions reguarding the times, Im sure mylot will answer all of them more thorough. Good luck.
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@maryannemax (12168)
• Sweden
26 Jan 07
yep. happened to me many times. but i guess your payment for today will be carried over to tomorrow's earning updates. i think they do have a cut off time like (let's say for example), 5 hours before update. so, don't worry, it will still be counted tomorrow. this happened to me many times. don't worry. i had been there just like you.
• Philippines
26 Jan 07
thanks to your comments i think that would be great then. i am just a little worried they might miss it. so i guess ill just wait for tomorrow to wait for the earnings to be updated.