happiness vs pleasure

January 26, 2007 10:52am CST
In my opinion those are two different things. Here are my opinions: We, from the cradle to the grave, are trying to find pleasure, fertilize, and maintain it. We come with others to chase one or several pieces of pleasure whether it's sexually, intellectually, or culturally, to change the form of crime in our society, to have such a good manner, to own such a fortune, and the most pathetic pleasure is to own god. Pleasure emerge from 4 factors which are stimulus, perception, sense and desire. The example is this: when I see a woman [stimulus] then my mind would decide whether if she's pretty or not [perception]. Next maybe I try to touch her skin or imagine that [sense] and finally I have a certain feeling that I want that woman to be mine [desire]. Actually there's nothing wrong with the "desire", to give response on something is a natural way in life. When someone stuck me with a needle, I would give a certain revulsion except if i were paralyzed. Happiness is another thing. Well, in the dictionary it sounds the same as pleasure but this is my opinion after all, rite?! So, in my opinion happiness is anything you experienced instantaneously and makes you feel good or happy instantly. But when we start to think of it -consciously or not- and make a comparison, a judgment, or have a will of "I-want-it-again", we've change it into a pleasure. Well, of course that memory has its own importance. In our daily life, we're useless without memories but I do think that there's a mental state where our memory are less important. A soul in a mental state which cannot be made paralyzed or grief by memories is a free soul.
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• Canada
26 Jan 07
I think that is a great perception of happiness and pleasure. I would agree with you.