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January 26, 2007 2:11pm CST
one night as i was tip toeing out of my room to get into my chariot to go through the intergalactic portal i got an alarm on my wrist band the black hole positioning devise was malfunctioning ceeing no way out i put on my night vision glasses as i was trotting along.......
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@ArienKing (4647)
• India
27 Jan 07
The kept falling and saw that spider coming after me...with the web clinging over its back. But the fall was like the rabbit's hole of Alice's wonderland, slowed down due to gravity and i can feel myself lighter and i can see spider was moving back as it got scared. I landed on a muddy base with glowing rocks all around me showing me the way to sowehere i dont know...I had no option but to walk. I walked for about a mile towards the low light following the path shown by the glowing rocks. The closer i was getting to the light, more anxious i became. Now it was time i reached to the spot and felt a shivering in my entire body, but i entered..."Ohhh"...! came the word from my mouth and i was standing on the edge of a valley which was somewhat similar to " The grand Canyon"... with a bright sun like star shining all over the valley...fat away i could see some green areas which was a bit surprising in this barren land...without wasting anytime...i walked down and started to walk again...i can sense some civilzation but not sure ..thinking whether they are humans like me or something else...i kept walking but i can feel that i was been followed by someone or say something which was not visible...its was getting dark....suddenly something jumped in front of me making a growling noise and. i............