"Punishing for studies' Isn't it Silly?

January 26, 2007 5:38pm CST
Punishing children for the sake of studies! Dun u pèoplé think that is that silly! A child shall be encouraged to study but there should be no punìshments that what i believe! What do u ppl say?
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@alen0224 (527)
• China
1 Mar 07
I don't think it is the right thing to punish children for sake of studies, it will only do the negative work, such as the hurtings of their confidence in studying, the emotions of disliking studying. I personally think that the only thing you can do when this happened is to encourage them to find why they couldn't get along well with their studies and try harder for the next time.
• Pakistan
2 Mar 07
Thanks for responding !
@dmajkc (196)
• United States
26 Jan 07
I used to get punished all the time for school/study related things. During that time I thought it was the meanest, cruelest thing that my parents could do to me. Now, I realize why they did it and I am grateful for them trying to motivate me to do better :)
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• Pakistan
27 Jan 07
So u want the small children to be beaten mercilessly? Isnt it awkward? Any ways thanks 4 responding
@Debs_place (10523)
• United States
27 Jan 07
That is a totally absurd statement. If I had not pushed my son and I do mean pushed and threatened and everything else I could think of, he would not have even greaduated from high school. Now he is in the Navy, has almost 1 year of college credits and is proud of himself. When in high school, he was very immature, now that he is grown up some, he has realized the value of an education. My guess is that you are a lot like he was, when he was your age.
• Pakistan
27 Jan 07
Do u think that every body is that same that he requires the same treatement?
• Pakistan
5 Mar 07
No pioneer! I don't agree with you.children have a bit less senses than elders .They do not realize the goodness of everything which the eldre can do easily.therefore,I think they should be forced to study if they don't do it .