this was a crazy situation for an 18yr old kid in-love with a 26yr old liam

January 26, 2007 5:39pm CST
it's like this... the one i love(and also my schoolmate)collapsed in school yesterday...and i don't know what to do..everyone in our department was there near her...and i could not come nearer...because i was so tensed...and i could not explain the fear that i feel...the one i love(liam) already in a relationship...while she is not yet concious...i tried to call the one she love(jumbo)...and i was like(back in my mind)...wondrin why am i calling her i just giving her away?!...i gave my cellphone to someone...who can talk to jumbo...well i can't really talk to jumbo...because i was deeply hurt by what i am doing...i walked away...just to rethink what i did...and i was crying...because of the deep wound that occured when she fainted and also when i contact i dunno what to do...
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@k3tk3t (3130)
• Philippines
2 Feb 07
well love isnot selfish....
@ronita34 (3923)
• Canada
28 Jan 07
Well for one what are you doing falling in love with someone that is already in a serious relationship. I guess love is mysterious and i feel badly for the situation that you are in. Does she know that you love her?? Do you two fool around together??
• Philippines
26 Jan 07
What you are going through is part of growing up. You think that you are in love with her but later on, you will find out that you are just deeply infatuated with her. Infatuation is usually mistaken for love because the feelings are similar. Go ahead with your life. You are bound to meet the right woman for you in the future. It just comes, you don't have to look for it.