me and the british accent...

@janjabu (110)
January 26, 2007 5:48pm CST
there's something about a british accent that just draws my attention. i don't know why, but no matter how crass the person speaks, if he speaks with either a british, australian, or scottish accent, i'd be listening to him speak all day. it doesn't even matter if it's a lady or a man! i love how kate winslet talks, as well as jude law. and sometimes it's not even about the accent, it's about enunciation. i looove how john malkovich enunciates everything he says so well.
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@Phlamingho (7831)
• Denmark
26 Jan 07
I agree with you that the people you mention has a really cool accent. But have you ever listend to someone from the inner London? Or a re real scotchman? You wont be able to understand a word and belive me, then it's not so nice to listen to any more :-)
@janjabu (110)
• Qatar
27 Jan 07
oh right i should have specified that! i think the scots also have their own dialect or something. like, "dinna ye ken?" for "don't you know?" i think and i'm sure i won't be able to understand them at all!
• China
24 Dec 07
Phlamingho, I agree with you that British accent is a very broad concept. Indeed, it will be lovely if one speaks London accent, but unless one born and nourished and educated in London, one might not be able to speak the exact London accent. Plus, there are several accents in London, so which is London accent?! LOL. Anyway, the received pronunciation based on the accent of the Southern England is pleasant to ears.
• India
2 Jan 08
hey buddy i am really sorry i couldnot understand what u want to say.
• Philippines
26 Jan 07
The British accent is really head turning. It sounds different, hears nice. There is something to it that makes you feel it is the better way of saying words in that language.