quit knocking the survey questions!

@irisheyes (4373)
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January 26, 2007 7:43pm CST
I'm getting very weary of all the "holier than thou" types telling us how fed up they are with survey questions that only require a short response. Those questions are the most democratic discussions on here. The girl or guy whose English is a little shakey can give a short answer (eg My favorite color is Blue) without fear of getting negged down to a two. The really creative types on here can spin out on them and have some fun also. I've seen some very clever answers to survey questions. (Just because the question only requires a one sentence answer doesn't mean that's all the responder has to give. Sometimes the reply can raise the level of the discussion) For most of us the survey questions give a chance to relax and cool off after a heavy round of political, religious, or Jerry Springer questions. Frankly, I find they are often a very welcome respite. Putting up yet ANOTHER discussion ranting against survey discussions is not exactly negotiating world peace although the posters take themselves seriously to the point where you might think that was the goal. Truth is the survey questions probably offer more of an opportunity for us all to come together as one planet than anything else on here. So PULEASE!!! if you don't like that sort of discussion, just zip past and leave the survey questions for the rest of us to answer. And in case you haven't noticed, quite a few of us do answer them from time to time.
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@sunshinecup (7880)
27 Jan 07
LOL, I was one of those not to long ago! Not a survey questioner, but a ranter over the discussions. Finally it hit me, shut up and move on. So I do and I feel better for it. Honestly, I like all kinds of posts, short ones to long complicated ones. They are all good. If you don't like it, move on to the next and let the rest of us deal with it if we would like to.
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27 Jan 07
That is what makes (to me) myLot so interesting because there are discussion for everone's taste
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27 Jan 07
Here, here. I am applauding from the peanut gallery. I will admit that I prefer the in depth questions or the ones that require some thought. But, every now and then, I just want to give a simple answer on something. And as for posting topics, yes, every now and then I will confess to making them a bit simpler so that everyone on myLot can express their opinion. (I don't mean that in a bad way, either.) So, with that said: yes I like coffee, I have a dog, my favorite color is purple, and my birthday is in April. Thank you for your topic and happy posting.