what i must do leave him or be patience

January 26, 2007 8:42pm CST
i and my boy friend had relationship almost 4 years. and our family known each other it means our family agree with our relation. But until know my boy friend didnt want married yet, he said that he want get a great position ang finished his study ubtil maeter degree. iam scared if we too long like this, "the woman devil" will come and meeeed up our relation. for how long i can wait or i just leave it? for the note : i cant fall in love so easier. and i have big jealousy.... anyone can help me and give it your opinion ?????
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@subha12 (18449)
• India
19 Dec 07
i think you should be little patient. Have a long chat with him and understand his real motives. if he really wants to marry you after some time and settling down, then its better.Otherwise if u think he is avoiding you, you can leave him.
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• Indonesia
19 Dec 07
A relationship is a matter of commitment. You two have to be one voice (alias mufakat gitu). Happiness can be a pursuit and get. Are you happy right now? if no, seek it, and ask an happiness from your man. ask him as a lover.
@sedel1027 (17851)
• United States
27 Jan 07
It seems as if he wants to do the right thing. If you love him, you should want him to complete his education, get a good job, and achieve his goals. Sound slike he has his head on striaght. If you are smart and you love him, you will stay.