what is google earth.

google earth - google earth really nice and how it function
@deep82 (35)
January 26, 2007 10:45pm CST
really i dont no.
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• India
27 Jan 07
It is software in which u can see each n every part of city. but only main cities. it is really good check once.
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@smanipasu (350)
• India
21 Feb 07
i try this really its superb. you may find your place on their
@n3v3rl0v3 (153)
• United Arab Emirates
11 Feb 07
It's a magic lolz....... Actually it's a geographical software which contains every locations of the world. You can find any area/country with that software and see it's structures/territories. Each and everything in the form of mapping. In short, you can visit every country of the world if have this software.
@luizeba (331)
• Brazil
11 Feb 07
Is an program to you look all the world =D Magic no?
@vertex (803)
• Philippines
27 Jan 07
Its like a gps. Its like an online map. In which you can see all part of the world.