O day of gloom, day of melancholy, Day of Judgement (Dies Irae)

January 26, 2007 11:10pm CST
A thought for the day for the chosen children of God! Do we have the courage to witness for ourselves our own dear ones, friends or acquaintances being led away by satan to eternal damnation ? Remember God's judgement will be one final piece of farewell for those who thought life was just an "eat, drink and make merry for tomorrow we die". Are some of us killing our own tomorrow. Bible casually puts it as "there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth". But be assured, that day will hold much more in store for those who pretended not to realize the gravity of the judgement of God. There is no need to go to poll on the disposition of the users of myLot.com but the writing on the wall is ominous for many - "Mane - Thesel - Phares"." Many souls go to hell, because they have no one to pray for them" that was by Our Lady Herself. Do we keep a mememto for the herectics, infidels and unworthy Christians who merely carry the name of Christ in the guise of an ornament? Or are we living it to rise to a better eternity? No comments please
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