suspicious activities on mylot

United States
January 27, 2007 12:09am CST
I am browsing through users profile and notice some startling (should I really be so suprised???) things. For instance, one user repeatedly gives the same user the best response, no matter if it was deserved or not. That user reciprocates. Isn't that cheating? These people have points or scores or whatever they are in the thousands! Another thing I have noticed is a user that will sort of post a comment that is relevent to the discussion but it will be like one word or a short short phrase. Then following it they add stuff like, "how's it are you today...good i hope..." You get me- a bunch of f***ing nonsense!!! And HE has a HUGE rating as well! How is this fair that so many people follow the rules and do everything by the book and they don't get crap for earnings yet a person can cheat their butt off and get paid lots and lots of money? I will report someone for something they have done and check back later on to find out that their score has gone up a few hundred more! It's crazy! Cheating has GOT to stop. Unfortunately only a few people reporting the problem-causers doesn't seem to be helping very much.
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@vertex (803)
• Philippines
27 Jan 07
You have no authority to say that. Every person has the right to make things here. You dont have to comment like that. We have a free will so just make your things here. Just respect each other please.
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• United States
27 Jan 07
what do you mean I have no authority? No authority to do what? Tell the truth? I don't joke about stuff like this. I wouldn't make this post if I were just screwing around. Every person has the right to follow the rules and TOS that are given by mylot...they DO NOT have the right to cheat the system by copying and pasting the same things over and over again. They DO NOT have the right to continuously give each other the best response when it's obvious that they are doing it to get each other more points. Believe me, it has happened here before. I reported it a while back and both users have been gone since. You have free will yes, but your will doesn't make posting crap here ok. Will doesn't make cheating ok. I respect everyone who deserves respect. You don't deserve respect when you cheat. (not YOU as in YOU, Vertex...You as in the people doing it)