best stats for a Knight,Wizard,Hunter

@Pawnzor (220)
January 27, 2007 1:58am CST
Hi please post in the best stats for a knight,Wizard,Hunter and the best place to level them up. Any good suggestions about playing ragnarok can also be posted here
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@el_zeto (24)
• Philippines
29 Jan 07
hi im zeto! i have a Lordknight in sarah server, in philippines! for me if you are only a knight ur must be a agi type with str, and vit! exp: 90agi,90str;30dex, and the rest vit, for wizard, its only int, dex and vit.exp: 99dex,90 int, the rest vit, hunter is 80dex, 80 agi, you can make it 90/90 and the rest vit. thats it, if your character will trancended that the final build up you must be verry carefull, u must think what kind of build up you want to do to your character! in LK if must choose if you want to be a breaker type or the killer type, breaker type ur the one who posses the power to break the emperium during WOE, if your the killer type you must be a spiral spier type! you killed all character! in wizard its the same bcoz you are using magic so you need a int. and a dex for fast casster! same in hunter! if you want to be a blitzer u must be a luck type bcoz your falcon will always attack the monster!
• India
27 Jan 07
Best stats for a knight in xilero is 255 str,agi 60+LKH,rest to whatever u like