Do orange Smarties taste orangey ???

January 27, 2007 3:47am CST
This is something that I find varies from person to person - do the orange coloured Smarties taste different to the other colours ? Personaly I think they do, they taste of orange - which is why I either eat them first or last depending on my mood. Just wondering what the general opinon is or am I just mad !! Hope to hear from anybody
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@rainbow (6763)
27 Jan 07
Yes. orange smarties do taste of orange - so do the blue ones but I can't really tell. Someone once told me they all tast of orange but I'm not sure,send my a packet ofsmarties and I will blindfold myself to see which ones taste orangey. You'd better send Shrek a packet too, as he will be invidjulation the experiament, lol
31 Jan 07
I thoght it was just the orange ones - will have to go and test the blue ones now !! Not a chance of sending you any lol
@applsofgld (2506)
• United States
29 Jan 07
Smarties are a favorite in my family. They do taste sort of orangy, but not a strong orange flavor, just sort of like the rest of them taste, or maybe we are just used to them. They are as always....delicious!!
• Australia
29 Jan 07
You know I have never even thought about it, but now you've mentioned it Im going to buy a packet of smarties when I drive into town this afternoon and I'll let you know when I get home
• United States
29 Jan 07
I've never had them, so I guess I don't know.