Making decisions!!!

United Arab Emirates
January 27, 2007 5:34am CST
Hi guys, When I graduated high school, it never came into my mind what course that I want to take up. I didn't have the plans to where I wanna be after five years during those time. I took Bachelor of science in Mechanical engineering without the idea, what will be the work of being a mechanical engineer. Its all because I did not bother to decide where and what I want to do in my life. Fortunately I graduated and did fairly well. I landed job immediately, however it didn't last long. The succeding jobs which I had didn't last long also. I then slowly realized that being employed does not satisfy me. I kept looking for answers thru daily endeavors by asking myself by the end of the day "Is this really what you want?" My inner saying to me that I should decide what I really want. Then I started it deciding to engage in business, which I did it first only as part-time, since I cannot surrender first my main source of income. When this venture (recycling business) seriously needs it to be full time and could tantamount my needs then surely I'll do it in full time, at least I have started the first step doing the things I want in my life. My point is if you will not decide what is it you really want then you'll be going somewhere else letting opportunities in life pass by.
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