What would you wish your ideal first date to be like?

January 27, 2007 6:23am CST
So, you've been talking to each other for a while now and havent actually been on a date. Then, you guys actually set up one, what would be your ideal, romantic first date that would impress you guys to go out on another date or probably start seeing each other on a regular basis?
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@deeble (102)
27 Jan 07
My perfect first date would be something like a walk on the beach, and a picnic.. Something nice and relaxed, with no pressure :o)
28 Jan 07
Thats weird, i was thinking the exact same thing.
@vega83 (6344)
• Bahrain
1 Feb 07
well my ideal first date should be something that can really tell me about the personality of the person i'm going out with. i guess something to with nature, like hiking or something, you can really tell about a person, by watching how they commune with nature, do they enjoy the nature, are they disgusted by it, do they squish little bugs for no reason, do they handle themselves well in more strenous climbs and situations, stuff like that.