Re-occurring Dreams!

@MamaBird (155)
United States
January 27, 2007 10:51am CST
I as a child had re-occurring dreams that I would be walking down the street and look down and find all kinds of coins laying by the curb and would just keep picking them up and picking them up. One day, my family was discussing dreams they have and my Dad was astonished as he said he had the same re-occurring dream. He died young, age 41 and was not wealthy and I'm certainly not. Just wondering if anyone can interpret this dream.
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@kareng (30448)
• United States
30 Jan 07
Oh that's scary. I have no idea but I had a recurring dream also as a child. They are pretty haunting to me and I used to hate remembering the next morning that I had THAT dream again.
@ronita34 (3923)
• Canada
12 Feb 07
I have no idea what this could mean but my mom has a dream book and i could ask her too look it up and come back with what that says about it. As a child i also used to have a re-occurying dream. It was sort of a freak you out sort of dream and it was always the same place and people everytime. I am thankful that i no loner have them though as they were never pleasant i always woke up crying!!