Have you experienced having a flat tire on a busy highway?

January 27, 2007 7:08pm CST
Did somebody give you a hand of you just did it yourself?
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12 Mar 07
I had a flat tire driving in the early morning hours to Atlanta on my way to work. I pulled over under a bridge. I was in the process of getting the spare tire out of the trunk when a truck driver pulled in behind me. He asked if he could help. I told him no thank you I can handle it on my own. He drove away. That left me feeling vulnerable so I made haste and quickly changed the tire. No matter how busy the roads are, I will NOT ask for any help. You just never know who is coming to your assistance. I prefer to do it myself.
@maryannemax (12170)
• Sweden
28 Jan 07
it was a bit funny actually. i was still taking my driving lessons back then. when a big nail struck car tire down. it was so embarrassing. i was in the middle of the main highway. and i did cause traffic. my teacher and some men who were kind pushed the car to the side and my teacher changed the tire for me. i swear, it one of the worst and most embarrassing events in my life.