What is wrong with these people?

United States
January 28, 2007 1:31am CST
I have been hearing so many stories of parents killing their children. What is wrong with these people. How in the hell could you ever hurt any child, especially your child? I have a baby, he is one, and I would die a trillion times over and then a trillion times more before I would ever let harm come to him. I read this one story where this lady put her one month old baby in a microwave and then brought the baby to the hospital dead. I was sick to my stomach the fact that she could do that sent chills up my spine. I also read a story where a man had twin boys that were 4 months old. He was playing Xbox or some game system and the babies started to cry. He beat them up so badly that one of them died. I actually cried reading these stories, how can people do this. Why, I want to know what in the world would make someone do this? I can't even think about this without getting teary eyed. Why would and how could you ever hurt a beautiful, precious, innocent baby. Or a beautiful, precious, innocent toddler, or teenager, or anybody. THIS NEEDS TO STOP!!!!!!!
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@nzinky (822)
• United States
28 Jan 07
This is happening because parnets who do things like this are sick and never should have had children in the frist place......Makes a person wonder what the world is coming to when this type of thing seems to happen everyday....That's why I keep telling my kids and grandchildren to make sure they were ready to have children before the have them cause they are a lot more than a toy to be played with.....I can't understand how someone could carry a child for nine months then toss it in a trash can.... These people need to be lock away and never see the light of day again.....