Has anyone here ever fed an Emu or an Ostrich by hand??

@Tanika (632)
January 28, 2007 1:36am CST
Hiya, I recently went away camping down south to Bunbury, Western Australia and I fed an Emu at the Big Swamp Wildlife park there. I have showed the picture to a few of my friend and they cannot believe I would do that as Emus can be quite aggressive. The one i fed seemed to know what was going on and I got a good vibe off it so I thought what the hell and did it. It was a little strange at first because it nips your hand also when trying to pick up the food but it doesn't really hurt and it is not doing in on purpose. See the amount of food in my hand in the picture? It takes all of that in one go. Has anyone ever fed such a large bird by hand? I also fed some kangaroos and some other animals too. I would love to hear some interesting animal stories of yours as I love animals, thanks in advance if you respond. Tanika.
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@kathy77 (7488)
• Australia
28 Jan 07
Hi Tanika, Oh wow what a wonderful time you had, and yes you are right emus can be very aggressive but when I was young I live in the country of New South Wales and my father used to feed the emus there, I have fed a Kangaroo though as he used to come to my home he was wild but I did not understand why he came to me maybe the people that lived at the house before me used to feed the Kangaroo I was very scared at first but I did get used to him he was a beautiful big Roo and it felt strange to feed up but he loved it.
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