do u do things in ur own way or according to what others say?

@rsp9098 (755)
January 28, 2007 3:25am CST
which is better?
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@blindedfox (3315)
• Philippines
28 Jan 07
If I think my way is better than what they are saying, I go with my way, otherwise, I go for theirs. =) I usually listen to what others have to say before I make my move. =)
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@arjunfour (128)
• India
4 Feb 07
Most of the time i do it my own way sometimes whne i feel i am not so confident i follow what others say
• United States
31 Jan 07
it depends on the situation cuz i might already know how to do something if someone knows another way and tells me their opinion how 2 do it i take it as an opionion but at your job is different unless it harms your health
@allen123 (76)
• United States
29 Jan 07
im into doing it my way but i get insite from people i feel know. if i dont i try to do what makes sense
• India
29 Jan 07
i do my things on my own way but i do ask suggestions for the topic which i dont know , suggestion do help me a lot but i dont do as ithers say, i like to do in my own style.
@imrajesh (1965)
• India
28 Jan 07
i do things according to my own way. this is coz i don't prefer to follow the decisions of others and i dont' have much tiem even to ask for someone to take my decisions. so i prefer taking my decisions myself as it boosts my confidence and i feel that if u take decisions urself and something goes wrong then u will not blame anyone and u will try not to repeat the mistake again. have a nice day.