Kurt Cobain. Suicide or murdered?

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January 28, 2007 5:34am CST
Popular belief is that Kurt Cobain commited suicide but there have been speculations of him being murdered by Courtney Love or someone else. I think he commited suicide becasue... 1.It definatly couldn't have been Courtney Love-Courtney Love was on vacation at the time he commited suicide (August 5th) and SHE was the one that found him two days later. And her sorrow speech for him definatly sounds like a wife in distress. 2.Kurt Cobain's depression- The rock star lifestyle and Kurt Cobain's hate of it caused him to go into severe depression. He got into some pretty bad drugs like heroin to help him ease the pain. His body was found and an autopsy found a shotgun wound and a substantial amount of heroin. About the shotgun wound. I say he tried to shoot himself while on drugs but couldn't hold it because of the dose of heroin which would've killed him (and did. I say the shotgun fell and the fall caused it to go off and hit him. Give one good listen to his lyrics also.Suicide
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