A new revelation

January 28, 2007 8:52am CST
I think i figured out this from the books.Tell me what you think. In the book 3rd book,harry saved wormtail.And that night dumbeldore said to harry that when a wizard saves another wizards life,a magical bond is formed between them i.e. wormtail is in debt to harry. In the 4th book,Voldermort was ressurected and one of the ingridents was wormtais flesh.When harry told dumbeldore this,there was a faint smile on dumbeldore's face which of cource dissapeared when he told him that his mothers protection was useless now. So what i figure from this is that in that indirectly voldermort is in debt to harry and this will play a major part in the final duel!
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@hellfire (187)
• India
28 Jan 07
maybe, maybe not but know that no matter what, a stupid idiotic kid like harry has no chance of defeating the world's greatest dark sorceror, dark lord voldemort.. it is his destiny to die in the hands of the dark lord, as he inevitably must in the end of book 7 or maybe in the middle of it... no way will the dark lord lose to the likes of hairy potter
@yuki87 (607)
• Italy
28 Jan 07
Yes, it could be. Wormtail is too coward to really betray Voldemort and help Harry, so maybe it'll be the hand he gave to Voldemort to help Harry indirectly.