Are we really happy?????Is life a choice or a compromise??

@deevik (47)
January 28, 2007 9:19am CST
This discussion i am going to start should help you to introspect yourself. Are we (as this forum allows only people above 16, i mean atleast not children) living to the fullest and really serving the purpose..i dont mean service or charity here..i am just posing a question that how many of us are doing things and are getting into activities fully out of our own interset only, but not by force or for materialistic purposes? Infact even in childhood i know children who are really interested in sports but forced by their parents not to get fully involved as it pays little(due to lack of exposure)..Practicaly and probably they are right..But are they not depriving the very interest of a child.. Not all students are pursuing their dream profession. Not all girls marry thier dear ones. Not everybody work in a place they want to. Neither do they live in a place they want nor do they die in a place they ought to rest.. Whats happening??
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