Blowing your nose at a restaurant.... Is it ok???

Nose blowing - sneeze
United States
January 28, 2007 4:17pm CST
This happened quite a few times while I was at restaurants with differant people. we are sitting there eating and enjoying our food and all of a sudden some guy starts blowing his nose! it's like, Hello!?!? yuck! and then there are those guys that blow their nose and sounds like they are blowing a trumpet or something. lol why cant they step in the restroom??? have courtesy for other people! lol
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29 Jan 07
I agree with you they should go to the rest room .that would make me sick to even think about it
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@nangel78 (1458)
• United States
11 Feb 07
I usually step away and go to the restroom. I do not want to offend anyone who is eating.
@msqtech (15075)
• United States
6 Feb 07
I think it is better than sneezing food and germs all over the place