How do you feel about couples living together before marriage?

United States
January 28, 2007 6:21pm CST
I've been wondering lately, because I'm at that age where I will possibly meet "the One" soon. I've heard that living together before marriage has resulted in divorce in most marriages, but I'm not sure if its true. I'd like to hear others' opinions on couples living together prior to marriage, and also even some experiences.
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• Australia
29 Jan 07
Wolfpackfan, your posting suggests that you want to meet "THE ONE" and by that I interpret it to mean you are looking for a lifetime commitment. I have been married to the one man for almost 47 years and we are more precious to each other now than we were when we first married. Life hasn't always been easy, but we have never had a serious disagreement. If this is the type of commitment you are looking for, I would caution you to wait for the right man. Love is NEVER instant. You might be attracted to many different men, but attraction on its own can easily fade and die. Most people would say that love is the most important ingredient in a relationship, and I would agree it is, but ONLY when love has developed and matured. It is so much more important to LIKE and RESPECT a person. Only as two people spend time together, getting to know each other, merging likes, dislikes and personalities, sharing inner feelings, and harmonising, can love even begin to develop, so the best advice you can receive is not to rush into anything. Let time work its way. With regard to living together, my personal belief (and you will get others) is that this would ruin a relationship and more importantly rob you of the most thrilling, unique experience of your life. Nothing can compare with the excitement and pleasure of a man and woman committing themselves to each other in total commitment for a lifetime. This is a unique experience. It can only happen ONCE in a lifetime. Why rob yourself of that?
• United States
29 Jan 07
Thank you for your advice. I was thinking the exact same thing. If I were to live with someone before getting married, it seems like marriage wouldn't be much different, and I want my marriage to mean more than that, like it does to you. Thanks!
• Australia
30 Jan 07
Believe you me, it really is!