Do as i say not as i do.

United States
January 28, 2007 11:29pm CST
When you have a signifcant other sometimes they portray that thing of do as i say and not as i do. Like when you are with a woman she is always saying something to you when you are talking to another female. But when she is talking to a guy you get the look like don't you dare say anything to me. What are the standards? I am not trying to be mean but it can also be the other way around where the guy give the look too. But in either case the question still remains as what are the standards?
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• Pakistan
29 Jan 07
i dont have that much idea abt that
• United States
29 Jan 07
Well unfortunatley I understand what your feeling but as a woman I have to tell you it is do as I say not as I do. It is just the way we feel because we know what we are up to and yet worry about what it is you are doing. I guess it works both ways but for woman if we are happy with our man we are really only passing the time talking with another and we are not sure that is what your doing...I hope this makes some sort of sense to you.