do you prefer to be the first 3 respondent to a topic here in MYLOT?

mylot - first respondent to a topic? do you prefer that?
January 29, 2007 3:48am CST
it doesnt matter for me. but somehow i find it a bit flattering to see myself as a first respondent. it seems like they can often see me as a persistent respondent.
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• Romania
29 Jan 07
Here in myLot i respond mainly to 3 categories of discussions: "discussions my friends started", "discussions from my interests" and "0 responses discussions". Responding to the last category i see myself quite often among first responders to some discussions. Reasons deppends, i'm just trying to be helpful and give an imput to new discussions / members here in myLot. However, i chose my discussions based on my interests, i avoid childish and irrelevant ones.