big family

@doc_sid9 (316)
January 29, 2007 7:41am CST
theres a real story about a joint family...jhonson family lived happily with their 3 sons aged---14/25/38 in a big bungalow..... the son aged 25 named wilson got married and naturally brought his young wife@home... after dinner jhonson family went to their respective rooms...suddenly after 11 pm very convesations r takin it carefully mr jonson to his wife---- yeh,our old vintage car has gain stopped.. 38 yrs old ronn saying his wife----well our second hand car still going better but not smooth. newly wed son ----oh my god whats a smooth ride in brand new knife over the butter poor 14 old son cries loudly and says------dear lord i dont have any cars....annnnnnnnnn mmmmmmmmm using MY HAND-CART..
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