Only Family Friendly Jokes, Please!!!

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January 29, 2007 8:01am CST
Collecting jokes that you can even tell to young chidren. I will rate those who follow this policy with a +. Here is one joke: Once upon a time a man inherited a parrot. The bird had belonged to a sailor so it had a bad habit. It was swearing all the time. So the man tried to re-program it by letting it listen to religious music and culture programs on the radion. He even tried to read good literature aloud. But nothing helped - the parrot was still using a terrible language. One day the man got so tired of this that he put the parrot into the freeze to cool it down a bit. He could still hear it cursing through the door. Then there was a long silence and he heard the parrot say very politely: Would you please let me out, I promise I will never swear or use a bad language again. The man opened the door and out came a very humble parrot. After a while the parrot spoke, extreme politely again: If you donĀ“t mind me asking a question, sir, I just wonder what did the chicken do??
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31 Jan 07
A teacher asked her students to use the word FASCINATE in a sentence. Marta said, My family went to the Louisville Zoo, and it was fascinating to see all the animals. The teacher said, That was good, but I wanted the word FASCINATE Sarita raised her hand. She said, My family went to the Cincinnati Zoo and I was fascinated by the animals. That's good, too, said the teacher, but I wanted the word FASCINATE. Little Johnny raised his hand. The teacher hesitated because Johnny was noted for his bad language, but surely he couldn't damage the word fascinate, so she called on him. Johnny said proudly, My sister has a sweater with 10 buttons, but her boobs are so big she can only fasten eight!
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