January 29, 2007 8:21am CST
when do u pray god?
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• Philippines
29 Jan 07
I do believe in the power of God and i do have a strong faith in him. I do pray to god everyday, when i woke up, i thank him for wonderful sleep i had and for giving me another day, before i ate my breakfast, before eating lunch, before dinner and before going to sleep. I do pray to him whenever im happy and if i have problems.
@abhax123 (1696)
• India
29 Jan 07
I pray everyday i pray whenever i get time but does it matter if i pray when i go to temple i pray when ever i want to coz God is everywhere
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• Singapore
14 Feb 07
prayers is the thing which can be done for god because all the things belong to god in this world . i pray for the happiness of god every time in the mood of serving . i pray after getting up so that i can be happy , pray before sleeping so that i can get up next day , pray before eating so that it will help in remembering god.
@coolsid2007 (1030)
• India
13 Feb 07
i dont pray to god ... i dont knw what do i do ... i accept whatever he has to do with me ... i dont complain and am happy with what ever i got from him ... there is nothing like sad to me ... nothing that makes me happy and out of my mind ... i am controlled by god's decision and i try not to hurt anyone intentionally or unintentionally thanks sid
@annieroos (1846)
• United States
13 Feb 07
I pray for everything that i have.. I pray all the time.. when i can.. i pray in my head.. when i don't have the time to sit and pray .. so i will do a prayer in my head.. Because i know that God can hear me no matter where i am or how i speak to him.. He is a the greatness in my heart and the love that i have in me That is God..
@uhevelyn (219)
• Japan
9 Feb 07
I used to pray at night and in the morning.
@4404599 (108)
• Pakistan
8 Feb 07
Because we hope that only GOD liesten our prayers and God is is given us every thing. So that we pray GOD
• France
8 Feb 07
yes i do pray the god all the time. but more when iam in problem and also in very happy moments. when do you pray the god?
• India
1 Feb 07
whenever i feel free frm other works i pray to god,,,bt i alwayz remember god ...