@fatpixie (101)
South Africa
October 9, 2006 7:51am CST
Why is it that people are so interested in looks alone? Why do they not get to know the inner person? A person's character, virtues, morals, personality and intelligence are just as important as their looks.
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@babyhar (1335)
• Canada
30 Jan 07
I personally have no idea why the world is so focused on superficial things. I believe a good part of it is because of what the media tends to hype up all the time. Society focuses on it too much as well. Everywhere you look you see skinny models or actresses all over television and movies. I really get annoyed when shows on television focus on a person's weight or judge them unfairly due to the way they look. Whenever this happens, I get completely turned off and usually will not watch whatever program had a feature dealing with these ridiculous things. I try my best to not judge someone until I get to know how they are. I like to get to know someone from the inside out. To me, looks are not important. It is personality that does it for me. I would rather know someone who has a beautiful personality than 20 people who look good. I think that a person's morals, virtues, personality and intelligence are actually more important than their looks. Looks fade over time, but a person's intelligence and all those other things will carry on...those are the things that are worth loving about someone. Society influences every single person while they grow up to act a certain way and to see the world in a certain way. Pressure is always put upon girls to have a specific body type and if they fall outside of that body type, then they are frowned upon or made fun of. I got this all the time while I was growing up. I was teased constantly because of my body type or the way my skin was. It always hurt me deeply to know I didn't fit in. I think the reason why people are so focused on looks is because they see it in the media all the time. It teaches the youth of the world to only look at the outside of a person as opposed to getting to learn who the person is on the inside. So, in conclusion, I think the biggest reason why people nowadays are so interested in looks is because.. Society instills it into them to think this way or to look this way. It makes people only notice the outside of a person and not get to learn who's actually behind that face. Which is quite sad that people fall in to believing this.
• India
19 Oct 06
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