What about Judas Iscariot?

January 29, 2007 8:39am CST
I assume that most of us grew with our parents and told us stories about Jesus, the miracles that he performed, his apostles, his mission here on Earth as well as stories from the Old Testament like King David's, Saul, The great escape from Egypt and a lot more. I have spoken to alot of God-believing people from different religious organizations. They all told me that everything that happened, is happening and things that will happen in the future are all according to God's plan. I do not question such belief for i also believe in it. But did it ever occured to you that you that there are some things that are really hard to understand. As for me, I have read some things in the Bible and it led me to ask some questions and i want to share with you. There are things that seem unfair, illogical or unjustifiable. But I am not holding it against God or anybody. I don't even want to question Him. Just a mental itch that just wanted to be scratched. I call on to all Christians and non-believers. Share you thoughts with me.
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29 Jan 07
I would love to share some thoughts about this with you but I am unclear as to what you are asking. Did you have a specific question about Judas? The bible does not explain everything in detail for a few reasons. When you read the bible the Holy Spirit will reveal things to you if you ask. There are also some things we are just not supposed to know. God is the only one who is all-knowing. I am hoping someday I will have some of my questions answered as well. Welcome to myLot and happy posting.
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29 Jan 07
Ok i was never able to finish my post because of a limited number of words to write here (I guess). Judas was one of the disciples of Jesus and he went wherever Jesus went, he shared moments with Jesus in his life. Then came the betrayal. Jesus knew all along that he was gonna die because it was the plan of the Almighty. One thing that really surprised me as the story went was the betrayal of Judas. God did planned that for sure and he created Judas for the sole purpose of betraying Jesus which led to the crucifixion so men who believed in Him will be saved. But what about Judas? Will he go to hell because of what he did, or what he was designed for? Again, I'm not trying to tell anybody that God shouldnt have done that. But a lot of of people are questioning Him because of that alone. There are a lot of stuff that i read from the internet and I have read some saying that Judas was a hero because if it wasn't for his deed, mankind will not be saved. Others hated Judas because of the betrayal. Now I ask, to those who hate him, will they hate God when the heavens open at the judgement day and they see Judas sitting in one of the seats in Gods throne together with the disciples and other holy characters or hate him also if they saw Judas burning in hell after he has done his pupose? Well, this is just a mental itch, i am christian, only.... well.... I have no intentions to challenge one's faith, or rethink the belief. It's just a mental itch that needs to scratched. :)
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30 Jan 07
Judas of Iskariot (son of Iskariot) was one of the 12 apostles chosen by the Lord Jesus Christ. He was entrusted to hold the treasury box - we just call him treasurer for expediency. As treasurer, he malversed the funds, he was stealing from the treasury box. This is a proof that he was disobedient to God for God says: "Thou shall not steal." By disobeying God, Judas lacked faith, he was one of the men of little faith. Satan is very wise that he takes advantage of men of wavering faith and so Satan easily entered the heart of Judas at the right time that then Judas betrayed Jesus. God gives us wisdom and freedom of choice. It is true that it was foretold that Jesus would be betrayed but it was never foretold that it was Judas who would betray Him. There was never any identification that it was Judas who would betray Him. By desiring earthly things and stealing what was entrusted to him, Judas chose to disobey God. The Lord knew that Judas was stealing as He knows everything. God never commanded Judas to steal as God commanded otherwise - not to steal. It was the choice of Judas to betray the Lord. There is nothing illogical as regards this matter. And Judas would receive his punishment in accordance with the Holy Bible.