Sweetest Day - The ultimate Hallmark Holiday

United States
January 29, 2007 10:17am CST
So since it is almost Feburary everyone is talking about Valentines Day. I have made a mark that I think Valentines day is a pointless holiday and that my husband and I celebrate more important personal events like wedding anniversary, first date, etc. So I though this would be a good kick-off topic. Anyone ever hear of sweetest day? It is in October I believe and here in Ohio its what we call a "Hallmark Holiday". Do you ever see it advertised or celbrated? I am kind of curious to see if any other state or country celebrates this holiday. Do you? Or have you heard of it? My husband and I do not celebrate it for obvious reasons its a rip-off of valentines days. Another reason for young highschool and jr. highschool kids to go on a date and poor men to have to buy dinner and flowers and chocolate. What ever happened to the old fashion way of just buying your significant other a small gift just becuase you love them? Why do you even need a holiday?
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