RELIGION? Humans became too smart ,then the conflict goes !!!

January 29, 2007 11:14am CST
Why is it there are lots of religons but the basis of those religion is only one bible? In a christian community there are lots of arguments involving religion ,every religion claims that if you join or be a member on their religion they will tell you that you will be saved and you are in the right path because you chose the right religion, my big question is have they been in to heaven? And how can they prove that if someone would join in their religion would really be saved? Actually the conflict of the seperation of every religion is all about "Interpretation" there is only one bible but the intrepretation those who built those religions are different with the others. So what they did is those people who had different intrepretation on the bible stand for what they had intrepreted based on the bible and form and lead people in their religion. My point of view is that we humans became so smart that we loose our common sense, for example is one product of shoes made locally but others prefer their shoes to be imported from other country so what they do is buy in an elegant store selling imported good but what others dont know that some of those shoes are made from their country and then exported to other country then get it back again but the exclusive name had been attached so the fool person claims he/she was wearing an imported and elegant shoes but what person doesn't know that it is locally made but the only that has been changed is its name. hehe funny isn't it but that's the reality. Now, lets go back to the topic I mention my example because we people are so fool to be considered in a way that we are being fooled by others interpretation, we have brains , heart and soul . We have the power to think but some of us are not using it. We just believe by others opinion and others suggestion.In life there is always an option and an exception, we could use it if we want or ignore it and die foolishly.
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@RAMPersona (2034)
• Philippines
29 Jan 07
and that is how complex the labyrinth of life.. it may blow our mind if we rely only on intelligence. we need pure divine intervention to sort it out.
• Philippines
30 Jan 07
sometimes we have to use our heart aside from our mind. There are things in this world that the mind cant explain but our hearts can feel. In my opinion we dont have to think deeply and over analize things , we just have to follow our hearts rather than our mind cause sometimes the truth would only be revealed by our hearts.