do you tip your waiter or waitress well? you should!!

@hmbw_24 (407)
United States
January 29, 2007 12:24pm CST
hi, i just want to address this subject. it was a topic of discussion among some people i know recently. why do people not tip waiters and waitresses? i have been there and done that and there is nothing worse than to wait on someeone hand and foot and get nothing! where i live wait staff only make 2.75 per hour and the rest of their income is dependant on tips. most of the time they are very busy but still manage to do a good job but a lot of people are either so cheap or so uncaring of others that they dont tip at all or barely. do i have anyone out there who is a waiter and can sympathise? or maybe you are one who doesnt tip can you explain why not?????
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• Singapore
14 Mar 07
In my country, there is a service charge included at the end of the receipt, so there is no need to tip the waiter/waitresses. In addition, the food that have ordered have accumulated into the bill plus the service charge will be a lump sum of money to pay.
@lisa101 (1362)
• United States
29 Jan 07
This is the brutal truth for me i have to admit that there has been time that i will only leave 2 or 3 dollars as my tip. My reason for this is as bad as it sounds sometimes i go out to eat with not much money to spare and i try to pinch my pennies by leaving a low tip. I do feel guilty about this but i try to make it up later.
@pizzoli (3367)
• Italy
29 Jan 07
some years ago was usual to tip the waiter, nowadays is no longer and probably i understand that there is less money than before