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January 29, 2007 2:35pm CST
OK I am plaining this surprise party for my husband. i have never plained a surprise party before and I am so scared that he will find out about it. I have never been able to keep any thing from him he just knows when I am hiding some thing and he always gets it out of me. I have a couple of his co-workers inviting people that they think that my husband would like to have at the party. I am a little worried that some one at his work will slip and say some thing about the party to or in front of my husband. Does any one have any suggestion on how I can keep this surprise party a surprise.
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30 Jan 07
My husband's 40th birthday falls on a saturday , he asked for a big party for his 40.So I'm planning to have family and friends over on saturday , but I'm going to surprise him at work with his collegues on friday ....Let's see if we can pull this off , I'm not telling my 5 year old though , she 'll let him in on the plan
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@Shar11 (419)
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29 Jan 07
it really is sooo hard to pull off a surprise party... Something that I did once with a surprise party I was planning was let on about a fake party.. Meaning, the surprise party was on Saturday and I sorta let my husband know I was going to have a few people over for cake on Sunday ( which wasn't true) He focused more on that day and thinking it would be just a few friends for cake... I even told him to call his mom and ask if she'd like to come ( I called her to let her in one the secret before hand) He had no idea there was a much bigger party coming that Saturday..It also helped when a neighor slipped and said "see you at the party" He just assumed it was this smaller party I mentioned... he was totally surprised when he came in Saturday night hehe...
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