January 29, 2007 2:46pm CST
I like twins. But it is difficult to take care of twins. It will be nice to see the twins in different age. What is your opinion about twins?
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• Bermuda
31 Jan 07
I am a twin! And i hated it growing up. Always made to wear the same colthes and always got the samt things for christmas and birthdays. Wats the point of 2 of everything when you can just share!..but now im 21, and i dont mind bein a twin anymore, now i have my own identity!
@xXmeganxX (4421)
31 Jan 07
hi there, im a twin and when i got pregnant i never had twins, my mum is a twin too and she had twins and that's of course me and my sister! i think it would be hard work looking after two children in the same age group but i got told by my mother that when twins get older it's easier because they mostly like eevrything and do everything the same! :O)
@saphire539 (1641)
• United States
29 Jan 07
I would love to have a set of twins one girl and one boy.Twins run in my family and i have always wanted to have twins it would be so great watching them grow up together.
@mayammb (1816)
• Australia
29 Jan 07
i like twins too but it is really hard to take care of them. Identical twins is wat i like the most.